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Topics (not only limited)

>>Artificial Intelligence
▶ Evaluation of AI tools
▶ Intelligent networks
▶ Intelligent information systems
▶ Software tools for AI
▶ Intelligent databases
▶ Intelligent information fusion
▶ Intelligent data mining and farming
▶ Languages and programming techniques for AI
▶ AI and evolutionary algorithms
▶ Intelligent web-based business
▶ Intelligent user interface
▶ Integration of AI with other technologies
▶ Distributed AI algorithms and techniques
▶ Social intelligence (markets and computational societies)

>> Blockchain
▶ Application of digital currency
▶ Block chain technology principle
▶ Blockchain + electronic contract
▶ Blockchain and traditional Internet
▶ Blockchain development platform
▶ Blockchain technology security and brand protection
▶ Blockchain, big data and AI

▶ Decentralized App Development
▶ Decentralized Internet Infrastructure
▶ Digital Wallets, Coin Exchange, and Initial Coin Offering
▶ Distributed Consensus and Fault Tolerance Algorithms
▶ Distributed Database Technologies for Blockchain
▶ Distributed Trust
▶ Performance analysis and optimization
▶ Protocols and algorithms based on blockchain
▶ Simulation and performance evaluation techniques

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* One full paper should be within 4 Pages ≤ Paper Length ≤ 10 Pages. If the paper is more than 5 pages, the extra pages should be charged.

Important Dates
Submission Deadline March 5, 2024       
Notification Deadline April 5, 2024  
Registration Deadline April 15, 2024  
Listener Registration July 20, 2024     

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